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Is it better to be niche or generalist?

When it comes to getting new business, is it better to position yourself as a specialist firm or as a one-stop-shop?
This is the question that was raised recently by PR Moment, the online industry magazine for the communications sector.

Being niche makes it easier for people to understand what you do and how you stand out from the crowd. But if you’re not quite what they’re looking for then you could lose out on work that you are perfectly able to do. It might also restrict you from winning contracts that come with a wider brief.

So is being a multi-disciplinary agency the way forward? Perhaps not. Although you might have all bases covered, how do you differentiate yourself from every other one-stop-shop out there? And if you are a Jack of all trades, perhaps you’re a master of none?

My view is to be brave, take a stand on what you are good at and push that, no matter what. But it doesn’t have to be a specialist service that you are pushing, it could just as easily be your approach to business, your ethos or even just your location. Whatever it is, decide on it, stick with it, and communicate it at every possible stage. That way you may miss out on opportunities but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they wouldn’t have been right for your organisation anyway, which can be a contentious decision in an economic climate like we have right now where you want to take everything that comes your way. In the long run though, it’s definitely the best approach.

To read the full article on PRMoment.com click here


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