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How do I use Pinterest as a marketing tool?

[Pinterest: best thought of as an online ‘mood board’ where you can ‘pin’ interesting pictures, graphics and videos]

So what use is a mood board in a marketing campaign?  Basically if you are pinning interesting content, it’s the graphical equivalent of twitter (where you are tweeting interesting titbits or links) and we’ve all seen just how popular twitter has become.

Pictures are a powerful communication tool.  Look at a screen full of text (such as a twitter homepage, or even most facebook walls) and it’s difficult for one particular thing to jump out.   But look at a page full of images and your brain is not only captivated, it can also easily find images that resonate.  This makes Pinterest a potentially very powerful marketing tool.  And probably explains why Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site ever, reaching over 10 million unique monthly visitors at the start of this year.

Example pinterest board

Which images stand out to you here on this West Indies web-emarketing agency Agence Indigo Martinique??

So how can you incorporate Pinterest into your marketing activity?

Here are the basics:

We believe that the trick to a successful Pinterest strategy consists of two parts:

1)     before you do anything, think about who you are trying to reach and what they are interested in

2)     focus on sharing great content, not on boosting your ego or pushing endless promotions.  It’s not about you, it’s about the customer.

In other words, it’s the same approach as you should be taking for ANY social media marketing activity (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc etc).  Too often we see businesses so caught up in what they want to talk about.  We equate it the Dinner Party bore.  They talk a lot but have nothing to say of interest.  One of the reasons Stephen Fry has such a large twitter following is probably the same reason why he tops people’s ‘celebs I’d have at an ideal dinner party’ list.

For most brands it makes sense to integrate Pinterest into your facebook and twitter campaigns from the start, rather than run it as a separate activity.  That way you can share content between all three.

Then, consider how you can build on your Pinterest campaign to add value and target people.

Images can be grouped into different areas for instance, so you can start drawing together interesting content that is very targeted.  You can also build your followers and repins (the equivalent of a retweet) quicker that way.

pinterest board example

Grouping images under clear headers makes it easier for people to find you and repin/follow you

Finally, keep it up.  As with any social media activity you’ve got to be regularly contributing and engaging with your audiences.  If you haven’t the time then there are 2 things you can do:

1)     stop trying to do everything and focus on doing one thing really well.  That might be Pinterest, or facebook, or LinkedIn or something else.  But until it has enough momentum that you can delegate it to someone else, don’t take your focus off it.  Once it is established then you can delegate the day to day running of that campaign and focus on setting up the next campaign or;

2)     delegate from the start.  Get a trusted person on board who knows your business and what you are trying to achieve and task them with getting it up and running.

If you start with those basics then you’ll soon get a successful Pinterest campaign underway.  The next step is to measure your success.  The best tool we’ve seen so far for that is PinReach (www.pinreach.com) which is free and a joy to use.

For more info, on how to use Pinterest to generate business you might be interested to hear that there is already a book that has been written on just that beth haydenPinfluence,: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest, by Beth Hayder and published by Wiley.  We’d suggest getting it asap – before it all changes…


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