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Twitter takes a leaf out of Facebook

Twitter is taking a few tricks from Facebook – you can now have a new twitter profile page which uses a large graphical area to communicate your brand better.  Great idea but you need a few design skills to get it right as otherwise your profile text and logo can get lost.

There’s a great ‘how to’ guide to the technical aspects of uploading a new header image here but creating the right image to go behind it needs a bit more time.

The examples on the ‘how to’ show mostly big graphical images – no small detail or text.  And that’s because your header image still has your logo and your intro text placed on top.  Have something behind that that is too white or distracting and you can’t read the text anymore.

So why bother at all?  Well, done correctly, this can be a powerful way to communicate your brand.  It just means that you have to think about your image more carefully.

We have created a photoshop template for the new twitter header which helps mask out the areas that have your logo, twitter handle and description.  This template can be downloaded for free from here.

You can see from here that you really have two key areas to make an impact – the top left and top right. This can be a great place to focus a particular area of your graphic.  So if you have one big image, make sure there’s an interesting section in either or both of those corners.  And you may want to blur out the section in the middle so that you can read the text better.

To see this in practice, have a look at the simple version we’ve done for our twitter page here.

To get more advice on how to design this area, you can always get in touch and we can do this for you quickly so that you have a professional look to your twitter page.  Just email us hello@chicho.co.uk.


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