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Interesting developments at Pinterest

PinterestI’ve just received an email from Pinterest telling me how their pins are changing.  Apparently they’ve introduced:

* product pins: for items where you want to include pricing, availability and where to buy

* recipe pins: that include ingredients, servings, timings etc ie an online cookery book, led by images

* movie pins: with cast members, content ratings etc.

It seems clear that Pinterest knows what it’s three main pin uses are and it’s evolved from recipes into a more commercial marketplace.

Interstingly, I thought that Pinterest was particularly useful for sharing crafts as well, but there’s no pin for this that provides step by step instructions on how to achieve a particular craft.  Or perhaps you can take a ‘recipe’ approach.

Either way, this move is an interesting one. It puts Pinterest in a far more commercial position and it shifts the platform into an image led search engine, as opposed to Google’s text dominant platform.  So you can be inspired as well as informed.  Definitely one to watch.


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