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Do you have employees that you never knew about?

Who works for you?You might think that’s a strange question, but according to LinkedIn I discovered that I had an ’employee’ in Iraq who worked for me.

Of course they didn’t but it did highlight something about LinkedIn that I’d never thought about before.  When you add your employment details, you add in the company name and, if that company is found on LinkedIn, it automatically links you as an employee and displays your logo on their profile.

Now it could have been a mistake, but for some reason I don’t think it was in this case.  So how did I get rid of him?  Not easily.  I had to write to LinkedIn at their resolution centre and then wait a week for them to look into it and take him off.

Now what could some achieve in a week (or longer if no-one spots them)? We use LinkedIn to check on people’s histories and experience. It’s an online CV in most cases.  So how easy is it to pretend that you worked for a major company?  Very.  As how likely/possible is it for someone such as Dell or Shell to check that all the ’employees’ listed are real?

Add that to the fact that so many people now accept a LinkedIn connection without giving it much thought and it’s easy for someone to build a fake career for themselves.  It’s also easier to connect with others at the same company.  And then get endorsed for their skills.

Just a thought.  But also a reminder that just because something is online, it doesn’t mean that it is true.


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