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How to create a good AURA for your business

No I’m not going all hippy on you here (although I am quite hippy at heart).  What we’re talking about here is a way to think about how to market your business.  It’s a simple acronym – AURA.  And this is how it breaks down:

A: To raise the profile of you and your business people need to be AWARE of you.  This is why you create websites, start social media profiles, get ranked on Google, go to networking events etc.  You want to pop up on people’s radars.

U: Once they are aware of you, they need to UNDERSTAND what it is that you do or offer.  This is where you get into more detail.  This is where you focus on what your key messages are, ie ways to communicate what you do in more depth but concisely enough to cut through the noise and help people to ‘get it’. 

R: Understanding what you do isn’t enough.  Your prospective customers need to see how RELEVANT it is to them.  This is why you turn what you do on it’s head and start communicating the relevance/benefits to your customers of what you do.  E.g. you may have a great new piece of software you want to sell.  Rather than go on about how wonderful your product is and all the technical specifications, take a moment to think about the impact that this will have on your customers.  Once they get that, then you are one step away from a sale.

A: the final letter is for ADVOCACY.  Once you have made people aware of you, understand what you do and how relevant that is to them, you want to turn them into advocates for your company/service/offering EVEN IF they’ve not actually used you!  This is where marketing gets much more fun.  It’s about establishing relationships.  Once you have good relationships in place then word about what you do and who you are will spread (taking you neatly back to the A and U part of the acronym) and the whole process will start again, bringing you into contact with an ever spiralling number of people.

For more info on how to create a good AURA that is specific to your business, please do get in touch. We offer a free initial consultation to talk through your own challenges and questions.  Email us at hello@chicho.co.uk or visit us as http://www.chicho.co.uk


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