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The morning after the night before

Have you ever wished, I mean really wished, that you could replay the night before? Perhaps to see exactly who it was who decided tequila slammers were a good idea, or that kebab was a good choice for dinner.

Well, now you can. Lynx has launched a new app – Lynx Stream – that lets you document your night out, where you went, who you were with, what you said. You can upload photos, video, tweets etc.

A great piece of social media marketing programming, and something we can expect to see more of from brands who are looking to really engage with their customers (in this case Lynx basically wants to be there, with you, on your night out with your mates – clever). My only question is, how much do you really want to see how your night progressed? Perhaps it’s better to stick to the strange wobbly feeling in your stomach and the sensation that it was a great night, without seeing it in the cold, hard, sober light of day…

Check it out for yourself here

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