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What does Google’s ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ mean for you?

Google enhanced campaignsWe all know about Google AdWords and how incredibly useful it is in all and any PPC campaigns.  Now Google has launched ‘Enhanced Campaigns’.  This is basically a way for you to adjust your keyword bids by 3 key variables – time of day, location and, crucially, device type.

Looking at each of these three in turn:

Time of day: you can choose which times of the day you want to have more of a presence at.  So, for instance, if you are a coffee shop and you know that you have most pick up first thing in the morning then you adjust your bids to be higher at 8am and lower at 10am after the rush hour crush.  Or if you are a restaurant then it might make more sense to increase your bids in the early evening as people are planning what to do that night.

Location: means that you can bid higher for those who are closer to your location. The closer they are the more you bid.  The further away they are the less you bid per keyword.  This helps you to be the brand of choice in an area if you have competitors pretty close by.

Device type: we know that people make buying decisions differently based on what device they are using.  Depending on your brand it may be more important to you to get in front of people while they are on their smartphone. For others it’s preferably for your prospective customer to be on a laptop.  Now you can adjust your bids accordingly.

Linked into the device type, it also means that you can adjust your campaigns accordingly.  So someone viewing on a laptop can be directed to an ecommerce site, whereas a smartphone user might prefer a voucher for their local store (especially if they are nearby!).  Click to call are also very useful ad options on a smartphone, and now you can measure how long calls via this method last.

One downside?  Tablets and laptops are being counted as one category. For some this is a downside but I feel that Google has got this right.  Over the next few years all computers will be mobile and the desktop will be relegated to those who need something big.  As such, we’ll the role of tablets and laptops merge.  It’s already happening in fact.  Meanwhile the tablet will also go the other way, as seen with phablets.

This is just a short overview, but I’m very much looking forward to getting more out of AdWords as a result!

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