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The reason why iOS 7 is great

ipad ios7There is one main reason why the latest Apple operating update, iOS7, is great.  It has nothing to do with any of its new features, nothing to do with additional security updates or greater ability to share content between users and accounts.  It is because, quite simply, it makes me feel like I have a brand new iPad.

We live in a world where technology has a very short lifespan.  We have such a throwaway culture that the amount of stuff we waste is staggering.  Everything from unopened foodstuffs that are past a random ‘best before’ date to technologies that cost us hundreds of pounds maybe only 12 months ago (but are now viewed as ‘old hat’ since about 5 newer versions have been launched to the market).

In the UK we buy 18million new mobile handsets a year, and what do we do with the old ones? Well we simply bin them.  Apparently we throw away over 2000 mobile phones EACH HOUR in the UK. Was there anything wrong with these devices? For some yes, but for the main, no.  They were just ‘replaced’ by a faster, cooler looking model. This idea of obsolescence is explored further in this short video, which looks at how the very idea of throwing away technology is actually built in to the design from the very start.

And this is why the iOS7 update is so great.  I am using my iPad and it feels like I’ve just received a brand new device.  But I’ve not had to go through the trauma of selling, recycling or throwing away my old one. So for anyone out there complaining that it’s mostly a cosmetic update, don’t be too quick to disregard the importance that simple cosmetics can have on our world, and the way we perceive it.


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