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Video Editing to Music?

At the moment I am working on a video for an Indian restaurant (cue instant free fabulous curries – work can be tough at times!). The whole (hungry) team went down to the restaurant with camcorders, tripods, light boxes etc in hand and filmed what seemed like endless footage (well it seemed that way when I was trawling through it in the post production stage) of the food being prepared and served out to people.

While cutting it into its respective clips to be used in the finished sequence, I was listening to some music (MGMT for anybody who was curious). When I started putting the sequence together I put some production music under it and noticed the clips were syncing to the beat of the track.  This got me thinking, “Does it look better synced to a beat or look better naturally free flowing?”.  I moved a couple of the clips out of sync with the music to check it out.  The answer was a definite ‘no’! (apropos to nails being scraped down a blackboard or a picture hanging crooked).  My eyes and brain were wanting the changes on the beat and when it didn’t happen I was disappointed.

This got me thinking about Television and Film. Later on when I got home I muted the television and played some music in the background, and oddly enough it seemed to sync, coincidence probably (I’m not a conspirator who believes Pink Floyds’ ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ was made to sync with ‘The Wizard of Oz’) but I think making footage, moving images sync to a beat, even if it is just an episode of Emmerdale is naturally more pleasing to the eye.

So next time you’re watching TV (or editing video if you’re a fellow nerd) try doing it to some of your favourite music instead and you may be surprised at the results.

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