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Sainsbury’s finds new way to add value to your weekly shop

For years the leading supermarkets have been battling on price. They’ve all taken slightly different approaches (Tesco’s “Every Little Helps”, ASDA focusing on it’s price guarantee (and who can forget the adverts with the bum slapping??), Morrisons with its family value) but they’re hasn’t been an outright winner as it will always depend on what mix of goods you buy as to which supermarket is cheaper. You can’t get around that. It’s also how they make their money, by pulling you in on cheap deals in the hope you’ll spend a lot more of peripherals.

Sainsbury’s has tried to avoid that in the main, and has focused on quality instead. The result being that most people view Sainsbos as expensive (me included). They’re latest marketing campaign – the £50 weekly shop – is therefore quite interesting, as it’s based on price but in a way that really adds value to their customers.

Quite simply, Sainsbury’s suggests a meal planner for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for 7 days for a family of four. They give you the recipes online. It’s simple stuff to make and it allows for planning, teaching people how to be more efficient with their ingredients. In essence it takes a whole lot of stress and hassle out of the equation. To make it even easier, at a click of a button you can buy all the ingredients for your weekly shop online via the Sainsbury’s website. You can easily adapt it too if you have some of the ingredients in already for instance.

What I love about this marketing approach is that Sainsburys has really thought about what their customer base needs, then found a way to deliver it to them in a really simple, easy-to-understand way. This is something that all major brands (and smaller ones!) should be thinking about – what do my customers want? How can I deliver that? How can I make it as easy as possible?

By taking any difficulty out of the process, and turning your weekly shop into a one click operation they will also gain more and more control over their customers’ shopping, making it more and more difficult to switch to another store. I don’t think they’re quite there yet though, as I printed off their shopping list rather than ordering it online and have promptly gone to ASDA to buy the various elements. I still have to keep revising the Sainsbury’s website to get the recipe details, so maybe they’ll hook me yet…

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