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Video will do NOTHING for your business

You’ll see many a practitioner coming out of the woodwork (or the darkroom) trying to tell you that the one thing your business is lacking is video.

They’ll tell you that you can easily connect with your audience. That you can sell a complex story or concept in 60 seconds or less. That you’ll keep your audience engaged much more than the written word can.

Well it’s a load of tosh. I mean just look at the first tv commercials that launched back in the 50s. Did housewives across the country rush out and buy that amazing laundry detergent just because a smiling woman in a lovely dress said it made her clothes whiter? Er, well yes.

Well how about the fake Gold Blend ‘romance‘ that had us all riveted for years just to see if a pair of actors would finally ‘get together’? Ah…

Fine, well, how about that classic moment when Bill Clinton uttered the immortal words “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. I mean its not as if that has stuck around in people’s memories.

You see? People across the decades haven’t bought a single product, made a single emotional connection with a brand or had a single piece of video indelibly burnt into their memories so that its like watching it for real when they think back over it, even years later (finger of fudge anyone?).

So video is useless for your business. What you need is a way to engage with people, to stand out from the crowd, to quickly convey your message in such a way that people ‘get it’ enough to delve deeper, or better still, tell all their friends about it.

And don’t get me on to animation. How on earth anyone thought that an animated sequence could have any emotional buy in or impact should head to the looney tunes…er I mean looney bin. The next thing you’ll be telling me is that you thought Jessica Rabbit was hot.

So I feel I’ve made my point. That’s all folks!

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